If you do not know what to cook for dinner quickly and deliciously or you just get bored of everyday food, then our culinary site is bound to help you quickly find and tasty to cook only the best and proven dishes, the cooking process which does not take too much time, and all used ingredients are generally available.

This site is for modern people who cherish their time, but they love to eat delicious and varied. Welcome to the site “Heyfooder!”

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“Creamy cottage cheese keeps this pancake batter super-light and fluffy – a perfect breakfast or brunch. ”
“Millet flakes are naturally gluten free, so a great way to get some texture in your gluten-free biscuits – these ones are delicious ”
½ x 280 g jar of ...

“Crispy but tender squid with a hum of pepper heat, complemented by fragrant herbs, crispy garlic and a hit of vinegar – this is my evolution of the classic dish, which I know you guys all love. Traditionally, it comes from Cantonese cuisine, originating in the Guangdong province, and it was one of the very few spicy dishes this cuisine embraced. They achieved heat by using finely ground peppercorns instead of chillies, which they didn’t have, but I couldn’t resist adding a few here for double pleasure. ”

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