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Easy curried fish stew

“The perfect centrepiece, this simple fish curry looks really impressive and is good for you, too. ”

Party-time Mexican tacos

“I made these tacos for my good friend, actor and director, Dexter Fletcher, who first tried these in Playa del Carmen in Mexico. Shredded roast chicken and all the trimmings, stuffed into homemade tortillas with a drizzle of super-fresh, zingy, spicy salsa – this epic taco recipe is perfect for feeding a crowd. ”

Sizzling steak stir-fry

“With juicy steak, crunchy greens and sticky soy, this beef stir-fry recipe is a real winner. ”

Vegan winter rolls

“Giving an established recipe a bit of a tweak is a fun thing to do - switch your fillings to match the season ”

Almond cake with lemon & poppy seeds

“The ground almonds in this zingy lemon cake give it a beautiful texture – you'll love it ”

Christmas pudding vodka

“Make festive cocktails with this spicy vodka ”

Almond pastry puff

100 g blanched almonds ...

Spicy kofta kebabs

“Brilliantly simple, mega cheap and packed with flavour, these lamb kofta wraps are the real deal. ”

Oat, pear & cardamom smoothie

““I have a love/hate relationship with smoothies. The idea of people replacing a meal full of different textures and flavours with a drink makes me squirm – yet a cold sweet-and-sour fruit smoothie in the morning can be hard to beat. Frozen fruit gives smoothies a nice coldness without requiring ice and helps make use of over-ripe fruit that’s on the way out. Smoothies are also the perfect vehicle for natural nutrient powders, so feel free to add a teaspoon here if you are so inclined.” ”