day : 03/01/2018 4 results

Jools’ simple chicken & veg stew

“I don’t really like onions in my cooking, so I always leave them out of my stews – I prefer to use leeks instead. My kids also like sweetcorn in there, which I stir in from frozen just after the casserole has come out of the oven. Daisy loves this with mint sauce on the top, too. ”

Simple green salad with lemon dressing

“If you use lovely fresh leaves and dress them properly, even the most basic salad like this one will taste absolutely amazing. The combination of oil and acid in the dressing helps our bodies to absorb more of the nutrients from the greens. Super clever! ”

Pesto mussels & toast

“Mussels are a super-nutritious member of the shellfish family, packed with micronutrients including iodine and selenium, two important minerals for healthy metabolic function. ”

Jools’ favourite smoothies & ice lollies

“These are two of my favourite recipes, but feel free to have fun experimenting with different flavours ”