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Skinny carbonara

“A fresh and nutritious twist on the classic carbonara, with smoky bacon, peas and almonds. Humble little peas are a source of nine different micronutrients, and are especially high in thiamin, a B vitamin that helps our heart to function properly. ”

Pork & black beans

“A Friday night takeaway is such a treat, but you can easily make your own version at home – the fresh, full-on-flavours in this punchy pork stir-fry are so good you'll want to put this page on speed-dial. ”

Leg of lamb with amazing gravy

“If you’re looking for a celebratory treat of a dish, this is it. And you can’t have good old lamb roast without mint sauce and epic gravy – dead easy, but so bloody tasty. It’s got to be the perfect Easter lunch. ”

Christmas couronne

“Couronne means ‘crown’, named for its classic ring shape. This rich, sweet bread is a speciality of Lyon, and a traditional Christmas treat in France. Stuffed with fruit and nuts, it’s similar to stollen in that it is yeast-risen, while its lightness is closer to that of panettone. Delicious served warm – enjoy! ”

Haggis scotch eggs

6 medium free-range eggs ...

Elderflower lemonade with frozen berries

“A brilliant drink for party-goers not on the booze, this refreshing cocktail looks and tastes fantastic ”

Epic ice cream cake

“Choose two or three different flavours of your favourite ice cream for this cake – we went for pistachio, strawberry and vanilla. Then when you slice it open all of the amazing layers will be revealed. ”

Coconut bread

“There’s nothing like freshly baked bread, especially when you add the sweet twist of coconut. If you’re feeling bleary eyed, make this in a stand mixer with a dough hook, and let it do the work. You’ll get two loaves so you can freeze one, after baking, to eat another time. ”

Seafood curry

“This cracking prawn, mussel and fish curry with noodles is full of goodness and easy to put together ”