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Holiday citrus slushies

“It’s fun to indulge in high-levels of kitsch at Christmas, so go all-out and make some grown-up slushies. ”

Leg of lamb stuffed with olives, bread, pine nuts and herbs (Cosciotto d’agnello ripieno di olive, pane, pinoli e erbe aromatiche)

“Give this amazing Italian stuffed lamb recipe a go – it's absolutely blinding for your Sunday roast ”

Warm winter salad

“This simple salad has lots of nuttiness and zing, plus it’s filling enough for lunch or dinner on a chilly day. While it’s great served on its own, it also makes a tasty side to miso-baked salmon. ”

Gluten-free Spring flatbread pizzas

“Xantham gum is used to stop the pizza base from crumbling in this light, springtime gluten-free recipe. ”

Super scotch woodcock

“This recipe may seem unusual, but after a big night it makes complete sense. The ‘manchovy relish’ recipe makes one small pot, but you’ll only use a little here, so keep the rest in the fridge to use later. ”

Cevapi with ajvar

“These flatbreads filled with grilled meat (cevapi) and red pepper sauce (ajvar) are ideal if you have your mates coming over. Make the cevapi at least a few hours before you want to cook them, or ideally the night before. ”

Smoked salmon toasts

“It’s almost as easy to make this pretty dish for 20 people as it is for two. The bite of the radishes and fragrance of the dill elevate a quick snack to something really special. ”