day : 17/04/2018 4 results

Pulled brisket chilli

“For me, the joy of a good chilli isn’t mince – I want texture. As for guacamole, don’t buy smooth pre-made stuff – the authentic stuff is hand-scrunched. You can also eat it with tacos, fajitas, fish… the options are endless. ”

Swordfish, cherry tomatoes & capers

“Knock together this super-tasty swordfish steak recipe, bursting with summery flavours. What a treat! ”

Jools’s chopped salad

“This is the clever way my wife, Jools, gets all our kids – even the babies – to eat lots of salad. Everything is chopped extra fine and tiny, almost like a salsa, making it an absolute pleasure to eat. ”

Spinach & tortellini soup

1 litre organic chicken or vegetable stock ...