month : 06/2018 106 results

Roasted chilli frittata

“This frittata is a meal in itself. Blackening the chillies calms the heat and releases their sweetness to give a really deep flavour. ”

Gennaro’s meatball sandwiches

“ Gennaro’s homemade meatballs, cooked in a roasted red pepper tomato sauce and stuffed in a soft roll – ultimate comfort food! ”

Baked pollock

200 g baby new potatoes ...

Celeriac & quince soup

“Anna doesn’t use citrus in her cooking, so for anything that needs a sour flavour element she uses quince instead. ”

Super-simple chicken curry traybake

“When it comes to making a knockout curry, you can’t get much simpler than this – simply whiz up your paste, whack everything in the oven and stir through the coconut milk at the end. Serve up with rice, and you’re done. ”

Rainbow salad wrap

“This is colourful, seriously tasty and fun to make. Feel free to use other firm fruit and vegetables that are in season where you live. ”

Pork & cabbage potstickers

“Deliciously moreish Asian dumplings with a silky soy dipping sauce. ”

Barbecoa Bloody Mary

“This beautiful Bloody Mary recipe comes from my London-based Barbecoa restaurant – it’s seriously good! ”

Marmalade cake

“This sticky orange cake is a joy, and it’s simple to make. Even better, it contains mostly pantry ingredients, so is pretty cheap to make. ”