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Wild boar burgers

“These might be the best boar burgers ever! Ask your butcher to mince a nice piece of wild boar shoulder or belly for you – make sure it has a good marbling of fat for the best-tasting burgers. ”

Peach ice cream

“Some people find the double cream cloying. You can make this with a custard made from 5 egg yolks, well-whisked with 150g caster sugar, to which you add 300ml of almost boiling single cream. Add fruit and alcohol and cool before freezing. ”

Coriander & mint chutney

“This super-fresh chutney is really quick and easy to make and instantly adds flavour, colour and freshness to the meal or snacks it is paired with. It is versatile, too: it works beautifully with many starters and main meals, from papad and pakoras to grilled fish, lamb and chicken. ”

Gluten-free chocolate brownies

“Aduki beans are used in Japan to make a creamy paste called anko, here they form the base of these deliciously gooey brownies. Serve them warm for choccy heaven! ”

Bourbon pecan tart

“Beautiful pecans and wicked bourbon whiskey molasses make this quintessentially Southern American dessert out of this world. ”

Pistou soup

4 tablespoons olive oil ...

Rigatoni with roasted tomatoes & ricotta salata

“This tomato sauce is cooked twice – once in the oven and once on the hob – for the best rich sauce that clings to the rigatoni ”

Food Allergy Mums’ chicken casserole

“This is a great supper dish that is full of flavour and very easy to make. The sauce creates a delicious broth, which is perfect paired with mashed potato or simply boiled rice. ”