Beef recipes 46 results

Insanely good oxtail stew

“Let the oven do the hard work – this rich, oozy oxtail stew is well worth the wait. ”

Bloody Mary beef

“Leave this slow-cooked, heart-warming beef stew to tick away in the oven while you get on with your day. ”

The ultimate steak with vinegar roasties

“For the perfect steak and the most mind-blowing roast potatoes you’ll ever taste, this is it! ”

Gennaro’s meatball sandwiches

“ Gennaro’s homemade meatballs, cooked in a roasted red pepper tomato sauce and stuffed in a soft roll – ultimate comfort food! ”

Gluten-free beef lasagne

“An old-school dish that everyone loves, this gluten-free lasagne recipe is just as good as the real thing. ”

DJ BBQ’s world’s best meatloaf

“Handed down by generations, this easy meatloaf recipe is simply unbeatable ”

Malaysian beef curry

“This boldly spiced stew is seriously tasty but easy to make, so it’s an amazing midweek meal ”

Next-level steak & onion sandwich

“Focusing on awesome, sweet onions seriously takes the joy of a steak sandwich up a notch. ”

Winter nights chilli

“When the weather’s closing in, it’s really great to tuck into a full-flavoured, hearty dish, and for me, a proper, rustic chilli rocks. The meat will fall apart and melt in your mouth. It’s moreish, spicy and with a clever contrasting salsa is a total joy. ”

BBQ beef short ribs

“Sticky and delicious, these tender beef short ribs are well worth the wait. ”