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Beef shin ragu with creamy polenta

“This is an incredibly versatile stew, perfect with buttery polenta but equally great tossed through pappardelle or alongside creamy mashed potatoes and greens. ”

Epic rib-eye steak

600 g piece of rib-eye steak ...

Messy meatball buns

400 g lean minced beef ...

Russell’s fillet steak with peppercorn sauce

“After a truly unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime family cruise around the Caribbean with wife, Laura, and daughter, Maizie, Russell has always longed to recreate the meltingly tender steak in peppercorn sauce dish he enjoyed on board. Tucking in to this special meal, while admiring the beautiful view, surrounded by his family, is something he will never forget. What a treat! ”

Mark Hamill’s roast sirloin & Yorkshire puddings

“A roast dinner is hard to beat, and this super-charged version will send your taste buds out of control. To get the Yorkshire puddings bang-on, I’ve enlisted the force of science, via the Royal Institute of Chemistry. Scientifically precise, this method will give you beyond brilliant results, every time. ”