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Mega dough balls with garlic butter

“Don't hold back – these soft buns are totally worth the garlicky hit! ”

Baked camembert

“These are loads of fun to make, look pretty, taste great and normally everyone’s got a Camembert or similar-style cheese hanging around at Christmas, so this is a fantastic way to enjoy it. Gooey, creamy, tempting and packed with flavour. ”

Stuffed braided bread

“These plaited loaves may look tricky, but just a couple of simple twists will give you impressive results. Filled with nuts, tomatoes, oregano and parsley, they smell divine served warm from the oven. ”

White sourdough

“This recipe uses a levain (a dedicated quantity of well-fed starter). You'll need a 1kg banneton or proving basket, and a bench scraper. A disposable plastic shower cap is also a handy piece of kit, brilliant for covering bowls of dough or proving loaves, as they are easily removed and aren’t as restrictive as clingfilm. ”

Saffron & hazelnut wreath

“In Nordic countries, saffron buns are a typical Advent treat, often made as a wreath. If you don’t have Cognac or Calvados, you could always use your favourite liqueur – or water, if you’d prefer to leave the booze out entirely. ”