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Cracking chicken burrito

“This chicken burrito recipe is a Mexican classic and a really tasty way of using up leftover rice, too ”

Chicken mole

“Mole is a Mexican classic – a thick, dark sauce made with a medley of sweet and spicy chillies, rounded out with bitter chocolate. Served with tender chicken, it’s sublime. ”

Christmas day gravy

“Putting a vegetable trivet under your turkey as it roasts will give you the most incredible flavour base and head start on delicious gravy. ”

Arrosto misto

“This Italian blockbuster Sunday roast is a real celebration of a dish – five birds and one sausage wheel, all piled onto deliciously cheesy polenta. ”

Chicken & green mango Thai salad

“Recipe from Anil at Moraes of Manna at Broadway Market in London. ”

One-tray bake

“So easy – chuck everything in one tray, then bung it in the oven. ”

Gurkha chicken curry

“I’ve swapped the usual cream for yoghurt in this Nepalese chicken curry, so it’s fresher, healthier, cheaper and even tastier than your usual Friday night Indian takeaway. ”

Wine-braised chicken

“Juicy chicken, cooked in wine with pops of sweetness from the roasted grapes – delicious! ”

Cajun roast chicken, veg & spicy gravy

1 x 1.6 kg whole free-range chicken ...