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Spicy sticky chicken

“Chicken legs are much cheaper than the breasts, but they’re not a second-rate choice. It’s easy to get thigh meat beautifully tender, and the flavour is a bit stronger than breast too, so they can handle the spices in this recipe, which has a similar kind of punchy flavour dynamic to good jerk chicken. ”

Super-simple chicken curry traybake

“When it comes to making a knockout curry, you can’t get much simpler than this – simply whiz up your paste, whack everything in the oven and stir through the coconut milk at the end. Serve up with rice, and you’re done. ”

Spring chicken & citrus stew

“This is a brilliant transitional dish. You’ve got the stew element, which is warming, comforting and exactly what you want during the colder months, but there are loads of fresh colours and flavours to remind you what’s around the corner at this time of year. The lemon and egg sauce you stir through at the end is something I first saw added to Greek stews. I know it might sound a bit unusual, but the results will make you sit up and smile. ”

Chilli chicken with drunken pinto beans

“Take barbecued chicken to another level with this adobo-style recado – a gorgeous marinade of smoky chillies, garlic, spices and lime juice. ”

Jamie’s sweet & sour chicken

“This recipe is all about control – let the chicken stick to the pan at the start of the cooking so it develops a barbecue vibe, then stop the process by adding the liquid and letting it cook through to get soft and lovely. ”

Chicken wings, agrodolce-style

“Sticky, sweet and oh-so-delicious chicken wings – a cheap but tasty part of the bird. This is a very simple dish that invests in big flavours, so it only needs griddled bruschetta and sliced pickled onions to serve. ”

Chicken broth with tortellini

1 bunch of mixed fresh herbs, such as thyme, lemon thyme, bay or flat-leaf parsley ...

Spring chicken pie

“Serve with seasonal veg for the perfect family dinner! ”