Chicken recipes 26 results

Baked chicken & porcini risotto

“A classic risotto for winter comfort... but with a fuss-free twist. ”

Gorgeous Greek chicken

“Full of lovely fresh veg and herbs, this couscous salad is delicious served with citrussy Greek-style chicken. Opting for super-lean chicken breasts is the key to keeping this recipe nice and healthy – it’s a great source of protein, to help keep your muscles strong. Teamed with a lovely salad of carrot ribbons, this is a colourful, tasty midweek dinner. And, if you’ve not made your own tzatziki before, give this a try and I guarantee you’ll be making it time and again. ”

Chicken satay

“A fast, old-school street food, this dish can be found all over Malaysia and Indonesia. Its origins seem to point back to Java in Indonesia, where the concept of kebabs was brought by Muslim traders from India and Arab countries. Peanuts were introduced by Spanish and Portuguese explorers and they thrived in the tropical climate, which is why you see them used in so many garnishes and sauces there today. ”

Tom Daley’s sweet & sour chicken

“The joy of cooking a dish like this at home is that you can really own it – packed with tasty, fresh veg, and free from piles of added sugar and fat often found in takeaways, this firm favourite is a real winner. ”

Mediterranean ‘chicken ’n’ chips’

“Lovely lemony chicken legs with crushed new potatoes, all cooked in one tray – it’s such an easy, satisfying dinner and the zingy, herby flavours will bring a bit of sunshine to the table. ”

Chicken & tarragon plate pie

“A lighter take on the classic chicken pie. ”

Surf & turf-style skewers

“This is party food with a great summer vibe – it even works well as a starter. Cooking the wings in the oven takes the pressure off and ensures that they’re cooked perfectly, while finishing them off on the barbecue means you’ll get those lovely crisp edges. ”

Korean fried chicken

“There’s nothing not to like about this ubiquitous Korean fried chicken dish, coated in a slick of smoky ‘gochujang’ chilli paste, roasted sesame oil, garlic, ginger and vinegar – it’s totally addictive. This is a great dish to scale up and make for a crowd; simply prepare the sauce and fry the chicken wings once in advance, then a second time just before you are ready to serve. ”

Chicken katsu

“Using a good premade curry sauce here will leave you with enough time to whip up the quick vegetable pickle, which brings a fantastic freshness to the dish. ”