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Roti jala (lace crépes)

“A delicious addition to any curry – work quickly, and remove from the pan while still flexible, and before it takes on too much colour. ”

Turmeric-spiced pork loin & ribs

“Going heavy with garlic and ginger makes for heady, fragrant pork loin, while the turmeric gives an amazing pop of colour. Cooking the whole joint broken down into parts gives you a great array of textures – juicy, succulent slices of loin, crispy ribs and an indulgent pork scratching seasoning. Heaven. ”

Turkey breast with sausage & apricot stuffing

“A great alternative to cooking a whole turkey at Christmas, this turkey breast is packed with flavourful stuffing to keep it juicy and delicious. ”

Grilled Scottish langoustines

“Delicate langoustines have a bright salmon-pink hue, whether raw or cooked. Make sure they’re lovely and fresh – there should be no black spots on the tail or head, and they should feel firm and plump. Their sweet flavour works a treat with savoury, spicy ’nduja. ”


“Porchetta is a thing of complete joy. You can cook this as the epic centrepiece of a big feast with all the trimmings, or serve it up on a board with a carving knife at a party with buns, condiments, salad and gravy for dunking. Just wow. ”