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Salt & pepper squid

“Crispy but tender squid with a hum of pepper heat, complemented by fragrant herbs, crispy garlic and a hit of vinegar – this is my evolution of the classic dish, which I know you guys all love. Traditionally, it comes from Cantonese cuisine, originating in the Guangdong province, and it was one of the very few spicy dishes this cuisine embraced. They achieved heat by using finely ground peppercorns instead of chillies, which they didn’t have, but I couldn’t resist adding a few here for double pleasure. ”

Har kau bunnies

“Rabbits symbolise longevity, so these are fitting for the new year ”

Ricotta & Parmesan fritters

“These gorgeous fritters make for a delicious starter or light bite – you'll love them ”

Szechuan sweet & sour prawns

“With sticky, spicy prawns and caramelised pineapple, this is better than a take-away any day! ”

Pork & cabbage potstickers

“Deliciously moreish Asian dumplings with a silky soy dipping sauce. ”

Pan-cooked giant prawns

“This delicious seafood dish looks – and tastes – so impressive, but is super-speedy and simple to make ”


“You can always use leftover risotto – just start the recipe from step 4 ”

Baked paprika cheese

“For this recipe we used Torta del Casar, a soft-centered sheep’s milk cheese from Extremadura. If you can’t find it, try similar French or Portuguese cheeses that bake well. ”

Thai green chicken curry

“This deliciously fragrant Thai green curry really packs a flavour punch. ”

Ham hock terrine

“Trevor uses a pig’s head to make his terrine. If you’re feeling game, get one from your butcher. Cook and leave to cool before shredding off 400g of meat from the cheeks. Recipe from The Cricketers. ”