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Lychee martini

“This delicious lychee martini cocktail is worthy of any swanky bar – go on, mix up a storm ”

Jamie’s mulled wine

“Come the festive season, there's nothing better than a spiced, warming glass of this mulled wine ”

Store cupboard peach Bellini

“This spin on a bellini uses tinned peaches – still lovely, and there's usually some in the cupboard! ”

Oliver’s twist cocktail

“Gin, elderflower, chilli-infused honey and lemon juice, topped up with your favourite lager, this is the best cocktail recipe ever. ”

Prosecco cocktail

“Line up the sugar, bitters and Cognac and top with Prosecco as guests arrive ”

Mint & raspberry julep

“This recipe uses fresh summer raspberries to bring a seasonal twist to a classic cocktail. ”

Beautiful berry cocktail

“Party guests will be well impressed with this fruity berry cocktail – and it's a breeze to mix up ”

Charlotta Champagne cocktail

“With a dash of brandy and orange peel, this champagne cocktail has Christmas written all over it ”

Epic hot chocolate

“This hot chocolate is off the scale and so simple to make… much better than the shop-bought stuff ”

Frozen festive vodka bottle

“I first saw this done in Sweden and I knew I'd have to try it out. These decorative, icy bottle coolers are an impressive way to keep your spirits chilling. ”