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Omelette aux fines herbes

“The original, and best, simple Sunday supper for one. ”

Crema Catalana

500 ml whole milk ...

Protein pancakes

“These oaty pancakes are packed with fibre and protein and are low in refined sugars. Top with your favourite fruits and nut butter. Tasty! ”

Quiche lorraine with carrot & parsley salad

“It’s rich, and you shouldn’t eat it every day, and the mere mention of this culinary classic divides people. We think there’s nothing better than a slice of warm quiche lorraine, with a chilled glass of Alsace white wine. ”

Super scotch woodcock

“This recipe may seem unusual, but after a big night it makes complete sense. The ‘manchovy relish’ recipe makes one small pot, but you’ll only use a little here, so keep the rest in the fridge to use later. ”