Fish recipes 34 results

Tomato, black olive, feta & anchovy tart

“Packed full of punchy flavours, this homemade tart is both impressive and beyond tasty. Enjoy! ”

Fish stew

1 clove of garlic ...

Irish potato cakes with smoked salmon

“This makes a delicious and simple starter or light lunch. You need to use really dry potatoes for this, so, if you’re not using leftovers, be sure to let your spuds cool and lose as much moisture as possible before starting the recipe. ”

Salmon nicoise

240 g salmon fillet, from sustainable sources ...

Japanese grilled salmon & seaweed salad

“The magic ingredient in this dish is togarashi seasoning, a mix of chilli, orange peel, ginger, sesame seeds, sichuan pepper and seaweed. It adds a ‘wow’ factor to salmon. ”

Tuna & caper butter

2 anchovies, from sustainable sources ...

Swordfish, cherry tomatoes & capers

“Knock together this super-tasty swordfish steak recipe, bursting with summery flavours. What a treat! ”