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Jamon-wrapped cod with borlotti bean stew

“This wonderfully hearty seafood supper is packed with wintry flavours, perfect with mild, meaty cod. If you can’t get dried borlotti beans, just use the equivalent amount of tinned, drained beans. ”

Christmas jerk gravadlax

“Curing your own fish is seriously easy, and something you can prep in advance. This spiced version adds a real festive vibe – and guys, if you have enough rum, do use it to rinse off your cure, as it gives the flavour extra depth. This makes a great brunch with some gorgeous bread. ”

Pickled herrings

“Herring might be an underrated fish elsewhere in the world, but if I’ve learnt anything on this trip it’s that the Swedes take them incredibly seriously. They go to work pickling and preserving their herring in November, because by this time the fish have finished spawning and the texture of their flesh is dense and delicious again. I'm so glad I became reacquainted with the joys of herring during my visit because I discovered really creative, mind-blowing flavours for pickling: everything from dill to red onion, cloves and even a curried mayo! Good supermarkets here should stock pickled herrings, as will good fishmongers if you give them a few days’ notice. You can also get them really easily from mail order/online stockists like They will sit happily in your fridge, begging to be used as a fabulous starter, or as a main course with new potatoes and a simple green salad. I urge you to give them a try. ”

Herring tacos

“Tacos are a crowd pleaser whether you’re eating indoors or out. Gather your mates or family round the table, lay out all your different bits and pieces and let everyone build their own DIY lunch. ”

Baked pollock

200 g baby new potatoes ...

Shellfish & cider stew

“This impressive seafood stew is reminiscent of moules marinières but is extra luxurious thanks to the addition of langoustines. ”

Awesome Asian fish stew

“This version packs a punch but you can adapt it to taste by using different types of chilli or whatever seafood or fish you fancy. ”

Mexican fish tacos

“I’ve served these incredible fish tacos with all the trimmings – chunky guacamole, sweet pineapple salsa, garlicky sour cream and a jalapeño-spiked slaw – this is to die for. ”