Healthy fish 25 results

Baked tiella rice

“The wonderful Nonna Linda and I laughed so much we cried when we cooked this dish, and to be honest, I’ve never seen anything like it before. It’s a principle that can bow or step up to whatever budget you have. The genius thing is you simply prep all the veg so it cooks in the same time as the rice, meaning you can embrace different seasonal produce, which Linda was very cool about, ducking and diving so the recipe suits you. ”

Fish in crazy water

“I’m excited to share this fantastic method that shows just how easy it can be to cook whole fish, on the bone, giving better flavour and succulence, plus it’s harder to overcook the fish and you should also find it’s better value. Everything really gives to everything on the flavour front in this dish – it’s a beautiful thing! ”

Aegean kakavia (Beautiful fish stew)

“This tasty Greek dish reminds me of a hearty fish soup and is a real taste of the sea ”

Sicilian fish soup

“Throwing butternut squash into this gorgeous mixed fish soup gives a lovely colour and sweetness ”

Prawn salad with chilli and white cabbage

“The genius thing about this zingy prawn salad is that the prawns are 'cooked' by the lemon juice! ”

Fantastic fish tikka curry

“A deliciously perfumed budget-friendly fish curry with fluffy rice and loads of veggies, heroing versatile frozen fish. ”

Salmon fishcakes

“A simple and really tasty fishcake recipe that's easy for the kids to help out with. This is recipe is just as delicious made with tinned tuna, or you could swap the regular potatoes for a few sweet potatoes. Have fun! ”

Jools’ crunchy fish

“This recipe is incredibly versatile – use whichever fish you like (as long as it's sustainable) and add any herbs to the crumb. A fine grating of Parmesan makes a nice addition, too. It doesn’t matter if your bread is a bit stale, it’ll still work fine. And if you haven’t got any bread you can use four smashed-up cream crackers instead. ”

Jools’ Asian-style salmon

“This is a lovely gentle introduction to bolder flavours – my kids absolutely love it. And if you’re just making it for grown-ups, feel free to use mirin or sweet sherry instead of the lime juice. ”