Healthy fish 7 results

Prawn & coconut curry

“A little goes a long way here. Using a bit of coconut cream, rather than a lot of coconut milk, gives you the creamy taste, without as much fat. ”

Keralan fish curry

“A beautifully creamy South-Indian curry, packed full of flavour and spice. ”

Grilled masala fish

“The fish makes a great omelette filling, along with a few cumin seeds and mustard seeds. ”

Super salmon parcels with new potatoes & homemade basil pesto

“Call me a bit of a geek, but unwrapping a parcel like this, seeing the steam escape and smelling that punchy homemade basil pesto gets me really excited. Salmon is a great source of vitamin D, which your body needs to absorb calcium to keep your bones and teeth healthy, and cooking it in this way makes it beautifully flaky. I’ve given you more pesto than you’ll need in this recipe, so toss some through cooked pasta or swipe some into a sarnie for tomorrow’s lunch. ”

Lemony prawn courgetti

140 g large raw peeled king prawns ...