Healthy snack ideas 14 results

Cool crudite veggies with a minted pea and yoghurt dip

“Pick your favourite veggies, whiz together this super-fresh homemade dip and get dunking ”

Box grater fruit salad

“This delicious colourful breakfast looks beautiful and is so easy to make. Get the kids to grate the fruit, minding little fingers! ”

Easy flatbreads

“Kneading the dough to make this flatbread recipe is a fun and much-loved task for little ones. Super-tasty, super-fun! ”

Minty yoghurt dip

“This is so easy to whip up, just serve with some crinkle cut veggies to dip for a fun snack ”

Super smoothies

“A deliciously cold, quick smoothie is one of my favourite ways to start the day – here are four of my favourite combos. ”

Vegan winter rolls

“Giving an established recipe a bit of a tweak is a fun thing to do - switch your fillings to match the season ”

Mango lassi

“This Indian drink is like a mango milkshake and it’s delicious. Great for cooling your tongue when you’ve eaten a few too many chillies! ”

Granola bars

“These oaty, nutty, sweet granola bars are a great alternative to the shop-bought versions, and they’re super-simple to rustle up, too! ”

Fruity frozen yoghurt

“Healthier than ice cream... but just as delicious! Choose any flavour you like for a really tasty and refreshing snack – it’s great for keeping the kids happy ”

Jools’ breakfast on the go

“I make this super-simple breakfast for the girls to eat on the way to school if we’re running out the door, or when we have an early start ”