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Double whammy arrabbiata

“This is my desert-island dish. I use fresh chillies in the sauce and dried chillies in the pangrattato for a double hit of flavours and texture. ”

Spinach & tortellini soup

1 litre organic chicken or vegetable stock ...

Sicilian spaghetti alla Norma

“This is a beautifully simple, classic Sicilian pasta dish – it’s incredibly satisfying, full of flavour, and feels like a great big hug in a bowl. It also contains two of your five-a-day (bonus!), and the nutty-flavoured wholewheat pasta is much higher in fibre than the white refined stuff (double bonus!), so is a fantastic switch to make. The aubergine takes on the most amazing texture, the capers and pecorino add a lovely saltiness to the sweet tomato sauce and the chilli flakes give it a lovely warmth. ”

World’s most elegant winter pasta

“In this dish, it’s important to use really good olive oil. If you can’t get any, then use the best you have but half the amount shown here. Think of olive oil as a feature ingredient, not just a staple. The better your oil, the better the flavour. ”

Spaghetti atterrati

“This recipe uses the prized anchovies from Cetara, just along the coast from Minori. Good quality anchovies from a jar are a great alternative. ”

Pork tonkatsu & noodles

“Served up with crunchy veg and noodles, this take on the traditional Japanese dish of breaded pork is a real winner! ”

Spring veg pasta

1 x 350 g bunch of asparagus ...

Spinach lasagne

70 g unsalted butter ...