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Super-speedy steamed salmon

“This one-pan wonder is a lifesaver when you’re short on time. As well as filling you up, the salmon is a source of omega-3 fatty acids, which helps keep your heart healthy. ”

Chianti crudo

“This is one of Dario’s signature dishes, and takes its name from the Tuscan wine region. You’ll be eating the meat raw, or close to, so buy the best quality you can. ”

Charred pepper pesto

½ a bunch of fresh thyme ...

Simple green salad with lemon dressing

“If you use lovely fresh leaves and dress them properly, even the most basic salad like this one will taste absolutely amazing. The combination of oil and acid in the dressing helps our bodies to absorb more of the nutrients from the greens. Super clever! ”

DIY oaty fruity cereal

“Eating a tasty, nutritious breakfast is a great way to help kick-start your day the best way you can. Make a big batch of healthy cereal, then store it in an airtight container for up to four weeks. I’ve given you two great ways to serve it here, but feel free to come up with your own ideas. ”

Chocolate porridge

“Quality cocoa powder creates a luxurious feeling of comforting chocolaty goodness in this porridge recipe, but without all the sugar and saturated fat we’d get from actually adding chocolate to the mix. ”

Toasted Popeye bread

“Spinach is a brilliant ingredient to embrace at breakfast time – it’s super-high in vitamin K, which we need to keep our bones strong and healthy. Popeye knew what he was doing! ”

Sweet potato muffins

“These tasty muffins are the perfect brekkie, and sure to keep you feeling full till lunch. ”

Skinny homemade houmous

“Mighty chickpeas are high in protein, fibre and more than 10 different micronutrients, including a hefty amount of the mineral copper, keeping our hair and skin nice and healthy ”

Sesame-roasted kale

“Another one to convert doubters, kale has such a different quality when roasted, compared to boiled. It goes crisp and crackly in some parts, and tender in others. An easy side with a subtle Asian flavour. ”