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Tender lamb shoulder

500 g dried chickpeas ...

Orange polenta cake

10 regular or blood oranges ...

Sticky mango prawns

300 g large raw shell-on king prawns ...

Liz’s lamb balti

“Liz’s Dad loved to cook, and she fondly remembers the lamb balti he used to make for her as a child. This curry is rich and layered with spices, which Liz’s Dad used to go out and source – it was fairly tricky task back in the 80s, but luckily you can get most of them from a supermarket nowadays! ”

Smoked salmon, prawns & Miami cocktail sauce

“The 70s dinner party staple gets an update here, adding beautiful waves of smoked salmon to the story and a hit of lime, ginger and coriander to wake up your tastebuds. ”

Baked clams with roasted sweet shallots & fennel

“This simple dish can be served at the table straight from the pan. Always opt for sustainably sourced and MSC-approved seafood. Delicious! ”