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Beef cheeks in red wine

“Take the pressure off on the big day with this slow-cooked cut – it takes minimum effort but delivers a divine, melt-in-the-mouth texture. ”

Roasted scallops with pancetta & hazelnuts

4 scallops in the half shell , from sustainable ...

Red cabbage

“Celebrating one of the most affordable veg out there – the humble red cabbage – this is a really delicious, classic veg dish. Wonderful as it is hot, I also love it cold, almost like a salad, with meat and cheese, so embrace those leftovers. ”

Peanut butter fudge

110 g unsalted butter ...


“This recipe needs good quality Amalfi lemons, and 95% pure grain alcohol (although you must never drink this neat). The alcohol isn’t easily available in the UK, but it is sold in most grocery stores across Europe and is available from ”

Mulled wine

200 g caster sugar ...

Fondant candy canes

“The perfect festive gift or decoration – these vibrant, edible candy canes are a great way for the kids to get creative while helping out with Christmas day preparation. ”

Nam Jim king prawns

“This tangy Asian dressing really livens up these meaty pan-fried prawns – it’s a great help-yourself dish which is big on flavour but requires minimal time and effort. ”

Roast goose

“If you’ve never had roast goose before, it’s an absolute must. This method is reliable and will give you an experience you definitely won’t forget, whether it’s the first meal from it, or using up the lovely leftovers it gives you (if there are any!). ”

Squashed Brussels

“Squashed Brussels sprouts are a thing of beauty – cooked up with chorizo, it's a winning combo. ”