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Indian-style baked chicken

“Whatever the weather, a little spice is always welcome. With some adult supervision you can make your own Indian-inspired marinade to use on chicken thighs and drumsticks – these cheaper cuts of chicken are packed with flavour and, best of all, easy to eat with your fingers! Serve with salad and flatbreads, and let everyone help themselves. ”

Baba ganoush

“This smoky aubergine dip is fantastic for sharing and served with ice-cold veggies or homemade flatbreads for dunking it’s an absolute joy to eat. ”

Cuttlefish curry with chickpeas & spinach

“Cuttlefish is perfect for a curry, because it readily takes on the spicing and responds well to slow cooking; this is especially true of bigger cuttles. I’ve used curry powder here for convenience, but you can grind and mix your own spices if you prefer. ”

Cachaça roasted chicken with cassava chips

“We’ve taken cachaça, the sugar cane spirit you get in your caipirinha cocktails, and used it to marinate a chicken. With nutty cassava chips on the side, it’s the ultimate South American take on your Sunday roast. ”

Gluten-free Yorkshire pudding

“There are three secrets to successful gluten-free Yorkshire pudding: sweet rice flour, allowing the batter to rest, and getting the fat in the tin to smelting temperature. ”

Almond flatbread

“More closely resembling naan than a true flatbread, this has a pillowy, soft texture, thanks to the beaten egg white and baking powder. It’s great for mopping up juices from curries and stews. ”

Beef cheeks in red wine

“Take the pressure off on the big day with this slow-cooked cut – it takes minimum effort but delivers a divine, melt-in-the-mouth texture. ”

Roasted scallops with pancetta & hazelnuts

4 scallops in the half shell , from sustainable ...

Red cabbage

“Celebrating one of the most affordable veg out there – the humble red cabbage – this is a really delicious, classic veg dish. Wonderful as it is hot, I also love it cold, almost like a salad, with meat and cheese, so embrace those leftovers. ”