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Thai green curry

“The first time I ever had Thai green curry I was sixteen years old and it blew my mind! This green curry paste is so quick to make, yet the flavours are really complex, refreshing and delicious. With Christmas leftovers, it’s a dream. Boom. ”

Alesha Dixon’s spicy prawns

“To make your own hung curd, strain 500g natural yoghurt through a double layer of muslin and leave it to hang for at least 3 to 4 hours, or until drained completely – it’s a simple and easy as that. It will keep happily in the fridge for up to 3 days. ”

Michael McIntyre’s scallops for Kitty

“I’ve used tinned beans in this recipe for ease, but when they’re in season, get some fresh beans and cook them in a pan of boiling water, with 1 whole potato, a handful of cherry tomatoes, a few sprigs of fresh thyme and bay for around 45 minutes, or until softened. Add good oil and vinegar, season to perfection, then you’re away to go! ”

Black rice pudding

“This healthy rice pudding recipe is super-tasty for breakfast. Hazelnut milk contains vitamin B12, helping us to think properly and stay alert, while hazelnuts are super-high in vitamin E, protecting our cells against damage. Enjoy! ”

Garlic & chilli baked beans

“You just can't beat homemade baked beans! This version is nutty and earthy, plus the cannellini beans make for a lovely creamy texture and marry beautifully with the garlic and rosemary. ”

Warm winter salad

“This simple salad has lots of nuttiness and zing, plus it’s filling enough for lunch or dinner on a chilly day. While it’s great served on its own, it also makes a tasty side to miso-baked salmon. ”

Potato al forno

“This is one of my favourite side dishes and, frankly, it's so good I sometimes just have it for lunch with a big fresh salad to provide a bit of contrast. It's easy to put together, and always delivers big on flavour, whatever you serve it with. ”

Sweet potato hash

“Delicious served with a seasonal salad, and, if you’re feeling kind, you could offer guests some runny poached eggs, too. ”

Ham & egg loaded potato skins

“Eggs, smoked bacon and Cheddar cheese... in a baked potato! These loaded potato skins are a revelation. An indulgent option for a lazy weekend lunch, perfect with a crisp green salad. ”

Crab & asparagus risotto

“There’s something so comforting about a good risotto, but the addition of crab and asparagus brings some spring freshness to this version. ”