Vegan 6 results

Amba sauce

“Take your kibbeh to the next level with this quick and easy sauce that I just love. It’s fresh and zingy, it’s simple, and it’s totally delicious. I know you’ll love it, too. Give it a go. ”

Vegan ginger cupcakes

“Simple spiced cupcakes, topped with a deliciously rich cream cheese icing ”

Gluten-free lemon millet biscuits

“Millet flakes are naturally gluten free, so a great way to get some texture in your gluten-free biscuits – these ones are delicious ”

Jemma’s vegan vanilla fudge cupcakes

“Some vegan cakes are even better than normal ones, and these naughty vanilla cupcakes certainly are! ”

Mini vegan doughnuts

“Hot, crisp and sweet, these doughnuts are a fantastic naughty snack that everyone will love ”

Vegan chocolate pots

“With tofu and dairy-free chocolate, these are a tasty vegan twist on regular chocolate mousse ”