Vegetarian 40 results

Black forest frozen cheesecake

“This is a great make-ahead dessert that will definitely impress your guests! ”

Chocolate biscotti

“This Italian biscuit was originally made as a long-life foodstuff – baked twice until dry, and containing no fats, it was the ideal snack for travellers. These days biscotti are a sweet treat, made with a variety of nuts or fruits, but for the festive season we’ve gone for this lush chocolate version ”

Fried rice with kale, squash & chestnuts

200 g mixed basmati and wild rice ...

Wild rice & Brussels sprout super salad

“A delicious and nutritious dish. Wild rice is a great alternative to white and is much higher in fibre. ”

Roasted pear with walnut & ginger filling

“This vegan starter is the perfect way to kick off Christmas dinner. If you’re making this for vegetarians, it’s lovely with 80g blue cheese added at step 3. ”

Brown rice bowl

“Nutty brown sushi rice is the comforting base for a colourful, satisfying bowlful of crisp, zingy, taste-popping flavours. ”

Rice & peas with jerk roasted veg

125 g dried red kidney beans ...

Aubergine al forno

“This Sicilian-inspired dish is a lovely alternative to cheesy parmigiana. ”