Vegetarian 7 results

Baked squash

“Based on a beloved old recipe of mine, this method really takes advantage of stuffing and slow-roasting the sweet, versatile squash. You get wonderful flavours exchanging in the centre, great textures, and the slices look amazing. ”

Roasted baby pumpkins with chestnut, cherry & Dolcelatte stuffing

“The combination of creamy cheese, nutty chestnuts and sweet-sour cherries make these a real treat. ”

Wilted spinach with yoghurt & raisins

“This quick and easy side dish is a real delight. Frozen spinach is suggested here as it is more economical and speedy to prepare, but you can substitute it with finely chopped fresh spinach, if you prefer. ”

Miso-grilled aubergine & cucumber pickle rice bowl

“A delicious meat-free meal heroing grilled aubergine – just the ticket when time is short. ”

Mushroom bourguignon

“Beautiful meaty mushrooms make this a wonderful veggie alternative to a classic stew – it’s lovely served with creamy mash. ”

Vegan m’hanncha

“I love the Moroccan m’hanncha (snake). It’s a wonderful way to wrap up gorgeous smashed veg and grains to make a beautiful-looking dinner, while also adding amazing texture – crunchy on the outside, soft in the middle. Yum. ”

Sage, leek & mushroom pie

“Don't rush cooking the leeks and mushrooms as they are the stars of this pie - they both need a good amount of oil, a medium heat and time to achieve their moreish texture and rich flavour. ”