Sunday lunch 30 results

Roast topside of beef

“Seasoning the outside of the beef generously with freshly ground black pepper then searing it in a super-hot pan will give you a bark-like, gnarly coating that everyone will go mad for! ”

12-hour rabbit bolognese

“It may cook for 12 hours, but this beautiful Bolognese recipe only takes minutes to get in the oven ”

Consistently good gravy

“Making your own flavoursome gravy is super easy – all you need to get going is meat and veg ”

Moroccan lamb stew

“A lovely, fragrant stew with plaited lamb for extra crispiness to complement the softer meat inside. ”

Spiced lamb stew with walnuts and pomegranate

“I love how the sweetness of this pomegranate lamb stew is balanced by the earthy walnuts ”

Toad in the hole

“An all-time British classic – toad in the hole with perfect gravy makes a knockout meal. ”

My roasted duck ‘sorta shepherd’s pie’

“Intensely meaty duck works a treat in a creamy, swede and potato-topped pie like this one ”

Old-school venison pie with juniper, rosemary and bay

“After all these years, a beautifully rich venison pie with mushrooms still gets my pulse racing ”

Gorgeous dinner of porchetta stuffed with wild mushrooms, celeriac mash and gravy

“This roast pork recipe looks impressive, is a total winner and isn't actually hard to make at all ”

Turkey wellington

1.6 kg turkey breast ...