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Aubergine parmigiana with crispy breadcrumbs

“Parmigiana is beautiful Italian soul food. Normally, it’s a labour of love that would take a whole afternoon to make, but I’ve cut a few corners here and there to make this this a totally achievable after-work winner. I’ve added courgette as well as aubergine to switch things up a bit, but also because courgettes are a source of folic acid, which helps to reduce fatigue. ”

Middle Eastern roasted sprouts

“Allow your sprouts to dry out after parboiling so their outer layers can get nice and charred when roasted. ”

John Bishop’s ultimate veggie lasagne

“Built from John’s love of his wife’s lasagne, enjoy a twist on the traditional veg-packed family favourite, with a hit of smoky aubergine for a turbo boost of flavour, plus a super-fresh pesto topping. Delicious! ”

Apricot & root veg cake with honey yoghurt icing

“Gorgeous root vegetables keep this cake deliciously soft and add a subtly sweet, earthy flavour, while apricots and pumpkin seeds give it a lovely texture. The creamy, slightly tangy yoghurt icing rounds it off perfectly. ”

Roasted radish & runner bean traybake

“This is a great one-pan wonder – roast veg, cheesy croutons and a punchy herby dressing. It's just perfect for summer. ”

Roasted roots & halloumi traybake with courgette tangles

“The kids’ favourite dinners are always the traybakes – we cannot get enough of them in our family! Our trick for keeping it fresh is to combine roasted ingredients with fresh ones and to top them with a good sauce or pesto, giving a mix of temperatures as well as textures. We use a spiraliser to create the vegetable tangles but a julienne peeler will also do the trick. ”

Parsnip beetroot gratin

“A lovely side for a Sunday roast – veggies baked with fresh rosemary and garlic, and livened up with orange zest. ”