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Greek-style quinoa salad bomb

“I’ve gone totally retro here, and shaped this salad into a bomb. Just go with it, and I promise you everyone will be impressed when you whack this on the table. ”

Jools’s chopped salad

“This is the clever way my wife, Jools, gets all our kids – even the babies – to eat lots of salad. Everything is chopped extra fine and tiny, almost like a salsa, making it an absolute pleasure to eat. ”

Yellow split pea & aubergine stew

“This traditional Iranian dish, known as gheymeh bademjan – gheymeh (split pea) and bademjan (aubergine) – is full of rich, Persian flavours. Serious comfort food. ”

Chai spiced carrot cake

“If you love carrot cake, you’ll adore this chai-spiced version, with warming tea and fragrant cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and nutmeg. ”

Salsa verde fresco

“There are two ways to eat this salsa – chunky or smooth. It’s a clever little number that manages to be insanely fresh, yet deep and smoky at the same time. Eat it rough and ready, or blend it to a velvety green sauce to top just about anything. ”

Roasted root vegetable & squash stew with herby couscous

“You can use any root veggies for this. There’s enough stew for three more meals, which you can freeze. ”

Asparagus pâté

3 bunches of asparagus ...