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Lobster mac ‘n’ cheese

“Mac ’n’ cheese is one of the most famous comfort foods in the world, and I wanted to take it from the everyday to the absolute next level by making it with lobster, which is incredibly delicious, super-special and turns it into a total showstopper. ”

Grilled squid salad

“Inspired by the investment in flavour that Nonna Franchina made in stuffing her squid, I came up with this recipe, which uses the same principle but in reverse. We’re making a mind-blowing salsa to plunge the hot grilled squid straight into, creating a wonderful harmony between flavour and texture. The salsa is also great when used to dress grilled veg, lamb or other seafood, tossed with pasta or as a topping for crostini. ”

Indian-style baked chicken

“Whatever the weather, a little spice is always welcome. With some adult supervision you can make your own Indian-inspired marinade to use on chicken thighs and drumsticks – these cheaper cuts of chicken are packed with flavour and, best of all, easy to eat with your fingers! Serve with salad and flatbreads, and let everyone help themselves. ”

Fish in crazy water

“I’m excited to share this fantastic method that shows just how easy it can be to cook whole fish, on the bone, giving better flavour and succulence, plus it’s harder to overcook the fish and you should also find it’s better value. Everything really gives to everything on the flavour front in this dish – it’s a beautiful thing! ”

Cuttlefish curry with chickpeas & spinach

“Cuttlefish is perfect for a curry, because it readily takes on the spicing and responds well to slow cooking; this is especially true of bigger cuttles. I’ve used curry powder here for convenience, but you can grind and mix your own spices if you prefer. ”

Gluten-free Yorkshire pudding

“There are three secrets to successful gluten-free Yorkshire pudding: sweet rice flour, allowing the batter to rest, and getting the fat in the tin to smelting temperature. ”

Smoky chorizo salmon

2 x 150 g salmon fillets ...

Almond flatbread

“More closely resembling naan than a true flatbread, this has a pillowy, soft texture, thanks to the beaten egg white and baking powder. It’s great for mopping up juices from curries and stews. ”

Crispy barbecued side of salmon with cucumber yoghurt

“When barbecued salmon skin is all smoky and crispy like this, it's as good as pork crackling ”