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Mango kimchi

“While not an obviously Korean ingredient, mangos really symbolize sunshine for me. I once spent a summer in Jeju Island where some of my family run a mango orchard, and while I was there I was lucky enough to eat the sweet, juicy fruit almost every day. This kimchi isn’t as strange as it sounds, with the mango bringing a really lovely sweetness to the usually spicy kimchi ingredients. ”

Amba sauce

“Take your kibbeh to the next level with this quick and easy sauce that I just love. It’s fresh and zingy, it’s simple, and it’s totally delicious. I know you’ll love it, too. Give it a go. ”

Old-fashioned sweet shortcrust pastry

“Master this buttery shortcrust pastry recipe and you're halfway to a blinding homemade pie ”

White fish with Brazil nut milk

“Brazil nuts are a high protein food and can be consumed in various ways. The milk made from them can be used as a substitute for coconut milk or cows’ milk, and gives a delicious flavour to recipes. It is a great alternative for lactose-intolerant people. ”

Taglierini with a simple sweet tomato sauce and shrimps

“This lovely combo of sweet tomato, cream and prawns works a treat with tagliatelle pasta too ”

Sizzling beef with spring onions & black bean sauce

“Jazzing up the beef with black bean sauce and loadsa veg makes a delicious meal with minimal fuss ”

Sorta salmon niçoise

2 x 120 g salmon fillets ...

Baechu kimchi

“When I was little, I used to watch my mum make kimchi. Stood over a sink, elbow-deep in the kimchi ‘glue’, she would rub the mixture into the cabbage before tearing off a bit of one of the spicy leaves to feed me. One bit was never enough, and I’d always sneak some more until she’d give in and we’d enjoy a pile of the newly made kimchi with a steaming bowl of rice. Kimchi at this stage is very different to what you might be familiar with – it’s fresh and crisp, like a spicy salad, and is deliciously addictive in its own right. If you have the patience to give it a few weeks though, the kimchi will develop its characteristic tangy flavour through fermentation, and it is at this stage that it makes a great base for cooking with. ”

Chorizo carbonara

“The spicy sausage really fires up the light carbonara sauce – a great combo with the zesty salad! ”

Jools’ sweet pea & prawn pasta shells

“This is a great, quick, last-minute lunch or dinner. All the ingredients live happily in the store cupboard or freezer waiting to be put together, and the combination of sweet peas, prawns and tomato sauce is undeniably delicious. ”