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Homemade lime pickle

250 g preserved lemons ...

Spiced plum chutney

“If you’re not a fan of jams, this is a lovely way to use up plums, and it’s a joy to eat with a ploughman’s lunch! ”

Banana tarte Tatin

“The thing I love about this banana tarte tatin is how easy it is, with just a few ingredients ”

Pomegranate shots

“This short gin cocktail recipe might be small and so simple, but it packs a proper flavour punch ”

Marmalade cake

“This sticky orange cake is a joy, and it’s simple to make. Even better, it contains mostly pantry ingredients, so is pretty cheap to make. ”

Incredible mulled cider

“It’s not hard to make this from scratch, just pick up a few bottles of decent scrumpy and give this a try. ”

Super toasted granola with chewy fruit

“Don’t be afraid to toast the oats until really golden as this gives the granola a more caramelised flavour. ”

Cranberry granola

200 g mixed nuts, such as brazils, hazelnuts, walnuts ...

Cherry clafoutis

½ tablespoon unsalted butter (at room temperature) ...