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Roasted grapes with cheese

“The sweet-sourness of the roasted grapes in this dead-easy dish complement the beautiful cheeses perfectly. Teamed with crispy sage, crunchy walnuts and hunks of fresh bread, this is an outright winner, every time. ”

Dairy-free apple muffins

“Whether it’s breakfast muffins you’re after, or an afternoon snack, this recipe is just the ticket ”

Dairy-free banana loaf

“An unbelievably moreish banana loaf that’s super-easy to make ”

Vegan blueberry pancakes

“A great alternative to classic breakfast pancakes, these vegan versions are the ultimate way to kick off the weekend ”

Croustade (apple tart)

“This is a Gascon apple pie, and the amazing crust is so unbelievably thin that locals call it a ‘wedding veil’ or ‘nun’s veil’. This spectacular pie keeps well for a day, or even two, and can be reheated. ”

Dairy-free coconut cheesecake

“With a gorgeous nutty base, sweet coconut & vanilla topping and a strawberry drizzle, this is incredible! ”

Pineapple tatin

1 large sheet of frozen all butter puff pastry (200g) ...

Whisky Simnel Cake

“This fruitcake with a marzipan layer is a traditional Easter treat, the 11 balls on top representing the 12 apostles, minus Judas. The fruit needs to be soaked in whisky overnight, but it’s worth the wait. ”

Peaches & cream pie

“The combination of peaches and cream make this more luxurious than your average fruit pie. ”

Key lime pie

4 large free-range egg yolks ...