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Tomato, basil and prosciutto omelette

“Smoky ham, juicy tomatoes and lots of fresh basil give this simple omelette big, bold flavours ”

Versatile meat ragù

“This tasty combo of beef and pork mince is great in pies, on pasta or with rice. ”

DJ BBQ’s scallops

“This delicious, easy scallop recipe is perfect for barbecues – just place them on the coals and let the magic happen ”

Avocado & slow-roasted tomatoes on toast

“This is the kind of breakfast that you find in cafés across Australia. You can’t beat the creamy nuttiness of avocado combined with tangy cheese and sweet tomato. Since avocado is the star of the show, accept nothing less than softly yielding, ripe perfection. ”

Jools’ sweet pea & prawn pasta shells

“This is a great, quick, last-minute lunch or dinner. All the ingredients live happily in the store cupboard or freezer waiting to be put together, and the combination of sweet peas, prawns and tomato sauce is undeniably delicious. ”

Humble home-cooked beans

“This recipe's inspired by a wonderful Italian dish – the most amazing beans you'll ever taste ”

Veal parmigiana

“A classic New York dish – tender escalopes layered up with tomato sauce and mozzarella, then baked in the oven to gratinate. Heaven. ”

Whisky Simnel Cake

“This fruitcake with a marzipan layer is a traditional Easter treat, the 11 balls on top representing the 12 apostles, minus Judas. The fruit needs to be soaked in whisky overnight, but it’s worth the wait. ”

Frango churrasco

“This spicy chargrilled chicken packs a punch – the longer you leave it to marinate, the more intense the flavour. Serve with yoghurt to cool things down, if you like. ”