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Collar of bacon

“Ireland’s national dish, collar of bacon, is a delicious alternative to Easter lamb. You can forage for the nettles for the mash if you know what to look for, but do so away from any dog haunts. You’ll need to start this recipe a day ahead. ”

Pork belly buns

“This dish is inspired by the mega chef and all-round good guy David Chang from Momofuku. These wicked buns are one of his most popular dishes, yet he’s totally humble about them – tender pork belly, simple wheat buns, pickles and sauce are ultimately the sum of them, but they’re delicious. You’ll need to start this the day before. ”

Mini Pasticciotto

“Pasticciotto is the dessert of Salento, the southern region of Puglia. A type of custard pie, you will find this in every cake shop, coffee shop and restaurant – it’s perfect with a strong espresso. While lard is traditionally used in the pastry to make it softer, you can substitute it for butter – it will just have a slightly crisper finish. ”

Tormenta negra

10 - 15 ml lime juice ...

Classic crumpets

“These require a little patience, but you just cannot beat a homemade crumpet. Making your own butter is optional, but it’s surprisingly simple and satisfying to do. ”

The best chorizo sandwich

4 plum tomatoes , deseeded and diced ...

Seared sesame tuna

1 heaped tablespoon miso paste ...

Best veggie stir fry

“Super-quick and packed with veg, this is the perfect weeknight dinner fix. Carrots are full of vitamin C, which means this stir-fry will give your immune system a boost and help keep away any coughs and colds. Plus, eggs are a great addition to this otherwise vegan dish. As well as being a source of protein they also contain essential vitamins and minerals, including vitamin D, which a lot of us are guilty of being deficient in. Get your veg prepped first and your pan super-hot and you’re away to go! ”