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Scottish shortbread

“The simplicity of these biscuits makes them wonderful in desserts, but for me the best way to celebrate this biscuit is with a cup of tea. ”

Gluten-free lemon millet biscuits

“Millet flakes are naturally gluten free, so a great way to get some texture in your gluten-free biscuits – these ones are delicious ”

Crispy skin lemon sole

½ x 280 g jar of artichoke hearts in oil ...

Salt & pepper squid

“Crispy but tender squid with a hum of pepper heat, complemented by fragrant herbs, crispy garlic and a hit of vinegar – this is my evolution of the classic dish, which I know you guys all love. Traditionally, it comes from Cantonese cuisine, originating in the Guangdong province, and it was one of the very few spicy dishes this cuisine embraced. They achieved heat by using finely ground peppercorns instead of chillies, which they didn’t have, but I couldn’t resist adding a few here for double pleasure. ”

Charlotta Champagne cocktail

“With a dash of brandy and orange peel, this champagne cocktail has Christmas written all over it ”

Treacle tart

unsalted butter , for greasing ...

Homemade lime pickle

250 g preserved lemons ...

One-cup brunch pancakes

“With little bombs of feta and corn in the batter, this pimped up version of my one-cup pancakes is a breakfast hit. ”

Insanely good oxtail stew

“Let the oven do the hard work – this rich, oozy oxtail stew is well worth the wait. ”