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Fondant candy canes

“The perfect festive gift or decoration – these vibrant, edible candy canes are a great way for the kids to get creative while helping out with Christmas day preparation. ”

Duck egg frittata with peas & beans

“Duck eggs are richer, creamier and bigger than hen eggs, which really suits the freshness of the peas and broad beans and means you don’t need as many! ”

Jamie’s ultimate Canada Day burger

“A delicious, juicy burger packed with all the tastiest trimmings – you'll love this. ”

Tomato, black olive, feta & anchovy tart

“Packed full of punchy flavours, this homemade tart is both impressive and beyond tasty. Enjoy! ”

Sweet potato, coconut & cardamom soup

“The crispness of the coconut flakes and poppadom pieces contrast brilliantly with the smooth soup. ”

Winter pasta salad

2 cloves of garlic ...

Lemon linguine

“Just a little Parmesan, good extra virgin olive oil, and lemon juice and zest is all it takes to create simple, light, lemony pasta ”

Sizzling Moroccan prawns

“Adding a pop of sweetness to this dish, pomegranates are a great source of vitamin B6, keeping our nervous system healthy so our cells can send signals to each other. ”