Lighter New Year 87 results

Mozzarella & winter fruit salad

“A lovely simple salad that's bursting with colour and flavour. ”

Broccoli soup

1 clove of garlic ...

Super noodle ramen with kale & barbecue mushrooms

“Everything you want in a bowl of ramen: it’s sweet, salty, sour, soft, crunchy and fresh, with a little bit of heat. The dark miso paste adds a salty element while the white miso adds sweetness. Kale is an incredible veg and responds brilliantly to lots of cooking methods. Just make sure it’s washed and dried, to remove any grit. ”

Mackerel plaki

“This traditional Greek recipe is super simple, and delicious served cold as a summery lunch or dinner. ”

Crispy fried salmon with spring vegetable broth

“Perfectly cooked salmon with a crispy, crunchy skin, nicely complemented by a spring veg broth. ”

Sea bass, fennel & grapefruit ceviche

“Ceviche is ideal dinner party food: it tastes amazing, looks impressive and is super-easy to make ”

Asian seared tuna

“This is simplicity itself – beautiful fish cooked quickly and teamed with gorgeous Asian flavours. ”

Crab rigatoni

“This is a gorgeous midweek meal that celebrates all that is delicious about crab – if you use picked crabmeat, making it will be super speedy. The combined sweetness of the crab and tomatoes is a great flavour match for the fresh, aniseedy kick of the fennel. ”

Mexican filled omelette

“I can’t tell you how much I love these silky little omelettes filled with Mexican-inspired deliciousness. Making and eating them is brilliant fun, and they’re unusually fulfilling for a humble omelette. ”